OjoPúblico is looking for a journalist in Switzerland or Germany to investigate stories between Latin America and Europe

In order to strengthen our cross-border investigations and partnerships with other media in Latin America, OjoPúblico, with the support of the organization Comundo, has opened a position for a journalist or researcher interested in journalism, from Switzerland or Germany, who will focus on investigating environmental, Amazonian and human rights issues and their links to supply chains between Latin America and Europe.

The journalist who will join OjoPúblico's team will focus on environmental, Amazonian and human rights issues.

The journalist who will join OjoPúblico's team will focus on environmental, Amazonian and human rights issues.

Photo: OjoPúblico / Leslie Searles

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OjoPúblico, the leading digital investigative media in Peru and a reference in Latin America, is looking for a journalist from Switzerland or Germany with a deep interest in environmental issues, the Amazon and human rights, with an interest in investigating supply chains between Latin America and Europe.

This international call is supported by Comundo, a Swiss development cooperation organization that coordinates the assignment of development workers on assignments in Africa and Latin America. As part of this assignment, Comundo will provide the journalist with full coverage of all travel expenses to and from Lima, Peru; it will also cover professional fees, insurance and living expenses, among other benefits detailed here

At OjoPúblico we believe in cross-border and collaborative journalism, which is why we promote two networks: the Cross-Border Investigative Network in Latin America (with collaborating journalists in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico) and we lead a Regional Investigative Network, with the participation of indigenous journalists, which seeks to connect local issues with global stories.

The applicant should have a professional background in journalism, communication sciences or related social science fields, experience in creating and editing news reports, interest in investigating international supply chains between Amazonia and Europe, strong interest in environmental and human rights issues, fluent English and spoken Spanish.

Through OjoPúblico Latin America we are dedicated to telling journalistic stories from a Latin American narrative about urgent issues for our countries: from the climate crisis, abuses against indigenous peoples, the depredation of ecosystems and natural resources, the violation of human rights, corporate malpractices and threats to democracy. 

The journalist who will join the OjoPúblico team will play an important role in investigations on international supply chains between the Amazon and Europe, and will join a work environment specialized in investigative journalism. We invite you to submit your application through Comundo's website, at this link.

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